We take instructions from:

  • Private individuals
    • Wanting valuations for sale, or valuations for insurance.
  • Solicitors and Barristers
    • For the purposes of probate, family division.
  • Inland Revenue and Customs
    • Valuation and Antique Certification.

We visit by appointment, properly inspect and record, and provide a document with a description and value. All information is handled discretely and remains confidential. We are happy to provide our service for the valuation of items that form part of whole estates or for single items.

We are able to offer advice and assistance on the best way to sell higher value single items or whole collections.

At present we are happy to provide free informal verbal valuations where you wish to visit us by arrangement, with the items.

Our scale of fees for visiting, recording and providing a valuation report: £220 (plus VAT) per hour. Rates are negotiable for extensive collections. This includes the time taken to prepare the report and any required research. This is payable on receipt of the valuation report.


2% of the value negotiable down to 0.25% for higher value items on a sliding scale. VAT applies.

An Age Certification Document as evidence of the age of an antique is £100 plus VAT. This may be possible to do using online images if they are of sufficient quality but with our best judgement, given that it is an online appraisal. Travel and time out charged as above.

LAPADA members certification documents are recognised by most countries' customs authorities. A document certifying age may satisfy customs duty exemption requirements. It is the duty of the importer/exporter to check the rules at the time relating to the particular country's customs authority, and that our LAPADA headed documents are accepted by them.

If you wish to arrange us to visit you on a valuations appointment please get in touch.