Victor Pasmore. Points of Contact, Variations. 1971. Screenprints on marine ply. Unique.


Victor Pasmore OM  RA  (British, 1908-1998)

Points of Contact, Variations No. 2,3,4,6  

Screenprint  on marine plywood 

Signed and dated 1971 

Made at Kelpra Studios, by Victor Pasmore.


Kelpra Studios until about 1985 when they closed operations:

Tony Reichardt, Ex-Director of Marlborough Galleries, 1963-1985.

These images are illustrated in the Graphics section of the Alan Bowness Catalogue raisonne as cat. 26 (1) through to (7),  as the edition on paper. 

The Tate Gallery hold a set of the seven Variations, but only one of 65 plus ten proofs, on paper.  The works offered here precede  the paper edition.

Ply was used by Pasmore as a base for a number of his paintings. 

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99.00 cm
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