SOLD Superb vintage shipping trunk or wardrobe. "The Antler, Super Grade" British made, 1930s -50s


SOLD   Superior quality shipping wardrobe or trunk. The "Antler" company have been in business making high grade luggage from 1914.

It is vellum covered. The structure is bench made, riveted and as solid as a tank. The metalwork is steel, some chromed, some enamel painted.

The catch is engineered to lever closed the two halves of the case by the rotation of three geared catches inside the long edge of the case. it closes flush and tight as a result.

The top of one half of the case hinges opens out  for fullest access to the extending steel clothes rack. The original wooden beech hangers are all present and perfect. There are five lockable drawers, of which two are box drawers fitted for holding shoes. 

The thick hide handle has the serial number of the case impressed into it.

A number of old vintage labels and train tickets remain attached to it including for the Great Western Railway, a Hotel in Torquay and others.

It is certainly equal in quality to the best Louis Vuitton luggage, the equivalent of which would cost tens of thousands of pounds. Travelling wardrobes of high quality, from the era of great British manufacturing, are very rare, especially in this condition.  









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