SOLD Louis Wain 1860-1939. The Offices of the Illustrated London News. Circa 1886. Pen, Ink on paper. 30 x 22 in. SOLD


Louis Wain 1860-1939.

Cats at the Offices of The Illustrated London News,C.1886.

Pen and ink on paper. Signed.

22 x 30 inches, 56 x 76 cms

A larger work by Louis Wain showing his askance take on the press.

Painter and illustrator of cats. Born in London on 5th August 1860. Received little formal education. He had a hare lip and is a modern medicalopinion that he had Asberger's syndrome, a form of autism. Doctors at the time suggested he should not be sent to school until he was ten. He would spend much of his childhood wandering the streets of squalid East London. He studied art at the West London School of Art from 1877-1880, where he taught from 1881-1882. He began to draw cats in 1883. Joined the staff of The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News in 1882, and The Illustrated London News in 1886. He soon made his name as a humorous cat artist and was immensely popular. The Louis Wain Annual first appeared in 1901 and sold well for many years. He went to New York between 1907-1910, and while there produced two series of strip cartoons entitled Cats About Town and Grimalkin. In 1917 he had the opportunity to make a cartoon film, Pussyfoot, but did not proceed with the project. He became ill and had to enter a private mental home. In 1925 an appeal was launched, with a target of £1,000. This figure was more than doubled within one month--a measure of his popular appeal. He lived in London and died on 4th July 1939.

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