SOLD Lines Bros. Sportiboy rocking horse, circa 1930/50. SOLD




Early to mid-20th century Lines Brothers  rocking horse in excellent working order. "Sportiboy" model. 

Structurally solid and sound. The people that made this item learned their skills in the 19th century. Hence it has been made to last, and has.

Original glass eyes. 

New saddle, reins and stirrups. Horse hair mane and tail.

This is an example with the originsl gesso and paintwork largely presrved, but with the expected wear associated with its age.  Becasue it retains its original character it is distinct from, and has a special appeal, unlike those examples which have been stripped, repainted and look over-restored.

It has an original small bell below the front of the mane, that adds a jingle to the ride.


39 inches tall and 45 inches long.  






128.00 cm
97.00 cm
47.00 cm