SOLD Bengt Bockmann. Abstract. Signed and dated 1967. Oils and gouaches on canvas. SOLD


SOLD. Bengt BOECKMAN b. 1936 (Sweden)
Mixed media on canvas
102 x 102
Signed and dated 1967
The Artist's influences are; expressionist, realism; surrealist.
Torsten Ahlstrand wrote in his monograph on Bengt Bockmann; 'He created his own style in the '60s, a kind of magical realism'
Time and experience is a recurrent theme, which is reflected both in painting and in the graphic work. In many works he mixes architectural elements, landscape, vegetation and cryptic texts. A theme in his art is the struggle between nature and civilization.
This composition blends symbols of the emotive and spiritual with those of order, structure and constraint. The painting captures the tension between freedom and constraint and echoes the spirit of the sixties, where the backdrop was one of the bid for freedom from political control, and the counterculture against the Vietnam war. The theme is timeless as humanity has both the instinct for freedom, and to be protected within external structures.
In the mid-60s Bockmann was a student of Bertil Lundberg at the Graphics School Forum in Malmo. In the 1960s and 70s he was celebrated nationally and internationally for his science fantasy etchings and was rewarded with prizes in several international biennials. The highlight of this period was VSOP, a very large sized series of etchings.
Paintings and prints were created with equal attention in Boeckman's 50 years of work.
Boeckman has participated in numerous exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Paris, London, Helsinki, Hamburg, Hanover and Berlin. His work is represented in major museums, such as the National Museum of Modern Art, New York Public Library, Washington DC, Oslo, Athens and elsewhere.

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102.00 cm
102.00 cm