SOLD 8 -10 seater Riley oak snooker dining table. Excellent condition. Made around 1910. SOLD


This ten seater slate bed solid oak framed snooker dining table was made in the earlier part of the 1900s by Riley.

The table has five solid oak leaves that form the dining table top.

There are two levers that pivot out from under the slate bed that allow the table to be raised to snooker height or lowered to dining table height. This is by the use of a clever sliding pin and ratchet mechanism patented by Riley.

Riley had a commitment to craftsmanship in every detail. Having started life in Manchester in the 1890s as a sports shop, Riley quickly became the largest manufacturer of cricket bats in the world before expanding what had started as a sideline: billiard tables. By 1910, the company was making each year around 800 full-sized tables, as well as a similar number of convertable tables of which this is one, and a number of portable tables. In little more than a decade, Riley owned nearly 40 billiard halls and it's tables had made their first appearance at the World professional championship.

The table has had its side cushion rubber replaced and had high quality new snooker baize throughout.

For transportation the table top removes from the base. Thus the minimum door width that the whole table will go through is 25 inches.

The four rise and fall ratchets each have a screw and thread as part of its design, to allow adjustment of the height of each side and corner of the table, so that it can be made exactly level on an uneven floor.

Dimensions are 7' 6" long x 48" wide x 29" high as a dining table and up to 36" as a snooker table.

It comes with the old oak scoreboard, cues, a rest, two sets of balls, one modern and a near complete old ivory set.


120.00 cm
73.00 cm
218.00 cm