Padraig Marrinan. Portrait of President John F. Kennedy. Signed. Painted circa 1961 42 x 36 inches

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Padraig Marrinan  1906-1973

Portrait of President  John Fitzgerald Kennedy  1917 -1963

Oil on canvas. Circa 1963

42 x 36 inches




The Irish Club, Eaton Place. 1961 to 1992

Asset investment company to 2007

A corporation to 2018

Young and Son


The portrait is said to have been given as a
gift from the USA to the Irish Club in London to supplement their collection of
portraits of significant people connected with Ireland.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy relished his Irish heritage. During his  historic visit to Ireland in June 1963, he
remarked to the people of New Ross;

"When my great grandfather left here to become a cooper in East
Boston, he carried nothing with him except two things: a strong religious faith
and a strong desire for liberty. I am glad to say that all of his
great-grandchildren have valued that inheritance.


Padraig Marrinan (1906 –
1973) was an Irish painter. He was born in Belfast, Ireland.
He contracted polio when he was five, and received a
private education. He taught himself to paint, and painted landscapes in Antrim, Clare, Donegal and Kerry. His ecclesiastical
includes Our Lady of the Missions for
Holy Cross Church, Ardoyne, Belfast, and The Madonna and Child of
Loreto for the Convent School, Omagh, County
Tyrone. A drawing is in the National Gallery of Ireland.

exhibited work at the Royal Ulster Academy, of which
he was a member.

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