French Napoleon III mahogany tambour top brass mounted writing desk with Vernis Martin decorated drawer frieze and desk lid.


A fine example of a Belle Epoque small writing desk decorated in Vernis Martin with lovers in a glade on the desk top and a leaf and flower pattern on the drawer frieze. Vernis Martin is a technique perfected by Guillaume and Etienne-Simon Martin in the 1750s where copal (a type of amber) is used as an alternative to lacquer and then painted with a romatic scene.

The brass mounts and inlays are all present and in excellent condition, as are the hinges and working lock and key. The two glass inkwells are perfect and reside in the desk section, each with gilt brass lids.

Three small drawers are overb the fold out writing slope.

41.00 cm
86.00 cm
69.00 cm